How to Make an Appointment

Please phone or email Sally at SMLkids to request an appointment

  • Terms & Conditions

    A waiting list may apply. Children do not need a referral to receive occupational therapy, however may like to enquire with their child’s GP or paediatrician to see if a Medicare plan is appropriate. Self-managed or plan-managed NDIS clients are suitable for SMLkids services- if occupational therapy services are included in their plan- however NDIA managed clients cannot access SMLkids services using their funds as SMLkids is not a registered NDIS provider.

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Accounts with SMLkids must be paid in full after appointments via credit card payment or bank transfer (within 7 days).

If a child has a Medicare plan*, or health insurance that includes occupational therapy**, they can claim their rebate after full invoice payment has been made to SMLkids.

Electronic invoices will be provided to self-managed and plan-managed NDIS clients after their appointments, with payment required within 14 days.

Please contact SMLkids for information about up-to-date fees/therapy costs. 

  • *Medicare Plan

    Your child should be eligible for a Medicare rebate if they have an up-to-date Chronic Disease Management plan (previously called Enhanced Primary Care plan) that includes occupational therapy visits. They may also be eligible for a Medicare rebate if their paediatrician has seen them under a 135 Medicare item number (please check with your paediatrician’s office). Full payment to SMLkids is required before parents can claim a Medicare rebate. Please note that this rebate will only a percentage of the full amount- it will not cover the entire fee. Children cannot use Mental Health Care plans at SMLkids.

  • **Occupational Therapy

    Please check with your health insurance provider PRIOR to your SMLkids appointment to see if you can claim a rebate for any occupational therapy services.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that a cancellation fee applies to all clients who cancel within 48 hours of an appointment, or who fail to attend a scheduled appointment, or who attempt to attend an appointment when they are unwell (in which instance that appointment will be cancelled for them).

This fee will be charged as 90% of the intended time allocated for the appointment, including any travel time involved.