What We Offer

SMLkids can provide assessment and occupational therapy support for children (0-18 years) with differences, or delays, in the areas of:

Fine motor development

Handwriting, pencil grasp, scissor skills, manipulation of small objects, hand strength, general fine motor coordination.

Gross motor development

Core strength, balance, crossing the midline, bilateral integration, shoulder stability, eye-hand coordination, motor planning, body awareness, motor sequencing skills, primitive and postural reflexes.

Sensory processing

Sensory development, sensory regulation, sensory integration and the provision of strategies to support individual sensory needs (i.e. over or under-responsiveness to touch, noise, visual input, smell, taste, movement and/or body position).

School skills

School readiness skills, school engagement, organisation skills and general learning support.

Social-emotional development and play skills

Understanding emotions, emotional regulation, interacting with others, non-verbal skills, flexible thinking.

Play skills

DIR Floortime therapy, cooperative play, making friends, imaginative play skills etc

Self-care skills

Dressing, toileting, personal hygiene, self-feeding skills.

For more information or to make a booking, please contact Sally on 0422 584 776 or via email at info@smlkids.com.au.